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Computer Repair Utility Kit V2

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Portable applications can be really useful and can be carried around easily on USB Drives, most popular applications have portable version either available directly from the publisher or made portable by others.
Technibbles Computer Repair Utility Kit is a package of 57 portable computer repair tools that can run directly from USB Flash Drives and repair systems and all the tools are easily accessible from the launcher.All tools are put into various 9 categories based on the functionality.
Category Of Tools :
  • File Management
  • Information
  • Repair Tools
  • Recovery Tools
  • Network Tools
  • Virus and Malware Removal Tools
  • Tweaks
  • Scripts
  • Misc.

    How To Use :
    • Extract the zip file to your portable media and run .Launcher.exe.
    • You can also add your own utilities to the menu by going to File > and make it so it autoruns when you insert your portable media into the system .
      Download Computer Repair Utility Kit ( 88.4mb and extracts to 188mb)

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